Inbound Call Centre Services

This is the era of information and when customers come in with a quest, it becomes the primary responsibility of every organization to not only provide the answers they seek but also find solutions to ensure a positively delightful exchange.

Inbound call centers have huge responsibility and the amount of calls they receive may be a daunting task. Handling these volumes with aplomb can be the difference that will ensure customer loyalty and retention. This is one of the prime reasons why more and more organizations trust Inbound call centre outsourcing.

At Process Venue, we provide you with Inbound Call Centre Services with the best Infrastructure in the industry. We pride ourselves in being deft with handling all inbound calls made by the customer with utmost ease, patience, perseverance and a high degree of professionalism. Strict adherence to quality and constant analysis ensures that the clients can save substantial costs.

Our Inbound Call Centre Services include:

Call Answering Services: We provide the best facilities to ensure that both the existing as well as the potential customers gets the information and solutions they seek and are delighted at the end of the call.


Customer Support Services: Retaining a customer and converting first time inquires into customers is vital to every business.


Technical Help Desk:  Our team provides technical support and provide the necessary guidance to customers by resolving technical issues.


Toll Free Services: Having a Toll free number can be used effectively for customer care, addressing customer concerns and grievances, conducting advertising campaigns  and a big boost to the image of an organization.

 Inquiry Handling: Our efficient Inquiry handling system goes a long way in profiling the customers right from the word go by identifying their needs, queries and storing the related data so as to provide a better and timely resolution for their enquiry.


Product Information Request: Today’s customer takes well-informed and well researched decisions before choosing one product over the other. Our teams go the extra mile to research products by competitors to provide a comparative analysis of why you are better to settle with.