Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services


The ever expanding world of the internet has brought in its wake, among other things, huge threats of losing all that is precious and crucial to a business. There is risk of targeted Malware, data theft and breaches, resource shortages and a growing dearth of premium skills. All these important elements of business need to be guarded closely and at all times. More and more Businesses are turning towards hiring and outsourcing Managed Security Services to alleviate the ever increasing pressures that are threatening the very existence of businesses.

Process Venue can help to resolve these challenges by providing you solutions through our best in league integrated technologies, our incomparable threat intelligence, and highly responsive managed services. Our Managed Security Services provide for 24/7 monitoring and management of firewalls and intrusion detection. Our constant security assessments and audits and a penchant of keeping a high vigil ensures timely upgrades.

Our Managed Security Services include the following:

1. Compliance Management: We ensure all people, processes and technology is well aligned to the compliance security standards in the ever changing business world.   

2. Network Security:  Our Managed Security services are a combination of advanced threats detection intelligence and analysis to ensure we are forearmed with capabilities to deal with both common threats and targeted cyber attacks with equal ease.

3. Vulnerability Management:  We deploy a dedicated vulnerability management team to relieve you off the pressures of security issues so that you can instead focus on protecting your assets and make crucial business decisions.

4. Threat Management: Our extensively experienced teams constantly monitor the ever emerging new threats to your business world and keep finding counter measures to ensure that it is business as usual for you.

5. Security Monitoring: Our highly experienced security professionals are experts at finding the relevant threats from the surge of the ones being generated everyday and deliver an in-depth analysis of your security activities.

6. Combined Solutions:  Our expertise combined with your requirements allows us to create solutions for your organization that aim at covering all loopholes to ensure there is no scope for security lapses.

We are ready to take on your security challenges for you to give you the much needed respite to run the day to day of your business in peace.

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