Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Services

In the world of ever increasing competition, visibility is crucial for the survival of an organization. It is important to be seen by to the ones that seek you. The cyber world is no exception.

As the internet boomed with the websites of organizations seeking their share of the web, search engines became the one way of finding information quickly. As a result the Search Engine Companies started creating various business models to finance their services. This gave birth to the whole concept of Search Engine Marketing.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing primarily refers to paid activities that aim at ensuring that an organization is found when a customer is searching for a product or service  linked to them. It involves strategizing online marketing activities to ensure visibility and success to the organizations. These primarily include the following:

  • Paid Search Advertising: These are the ads one pays for to publish at points where your visitors are actively looking for your specific products or services. A company bids for ad placement in a search engines sponsored links for keywords relevant to their business and pay a fee to the provider each time a customer lands on the site.
  • PPC ( Pay Per Click):  An integral part of  the Search advertising campaigns, PPC campaigns need to be designed such that only the relevant and genuine customers are driven to your site.  When you hire a professional Search Engine Marketing Agency like Process Venue we ensure that thorough research is conducted before designing the ad and placing it on the most relevant places. This guarantees maximum ROI. Ensuring that the potential customers see the ads only when they are searching for the precise product or service on offer, helps wean off a casual browser to land at the website thus saving unnecessary costs.
  • CPC (cost-per-click): Determining the CPC is vitally important for the success of the Search Engine Marketing campaigns. This is the cost that will determine the viability of the finance you are likely to spend to draw traffic to your site.

Determining the CPC is the benchmark to understand that the ROI that you are getting in terms of both the quality traffic and value for money spent justifies the cost.