Customer Support

Customer Support Services Outsourcing in India

We all are aware of the famous saying, “Customer is King” and in today’s competitive world it becomes all the more relevant. Every organization does its very best to provide Customer Care and Technical Support Services to keep their customers hooked and in fact ensure that their customer base keeps expanding. It is extremely vital that the customer is satisfied not just with the sale you make but also with the after sales customer service you provide.

This may seem a cost increasing exercise to devote manpower and resources post sales, but this is one ingredient to ensure long term customer relationships. It is crucial to provide good customer care and technical support to all types of customers whether potential, existing or new to ensure success for your business irrespective of its size.

Process Venue is a leading b2b call center and b2c call center services provider and understand the need of our client’s to provide best in class services. We know that most customers advocate those products and services where their queries were resolved in the first instance with minimum response time. We help our client’s provide outstanding and commendable services through our outsourced call centre services for handling their customers because we understand the power of the Word of Mouth.

Hiring outsourced call centre services may be the best bet for most of you considering you can save on time which can be utilized in other critical decision making activities.

We Offer below Customer Support Outsourcing Services:

  1. Outbound Customer Support  Services
  2. Inbound Customer Support Services
  3. Data Entry Services
  4. Outsource Data Entry Services
  5. Man Power Outsourcing Services
  6. Outsource Market Research Service
  7. Back Office Support
  8. Verification Services