Outbound Customer Support Services

Process Venue boasts of having one of the best state of the art infrastructures to host outbound customer support services for our clients. In a bid to provide our clients with innovative, dynamic and cost-effective solutions, on behalf of our clients we make outbound calls to both their existing as well as their potential customers.

Our teams have extensive experience and knowledge in the outbound niche and they ensure that all your outbound call center needs are fulfilled. Our team is highly proficient in their communication, selling and marketing skills. We maintain highest standard of security so that your information is safe with us.

Our outbound call centre services include:

  1. Appointment Scheduling:  Right from fixing an appointment to rescheduling meetings to handling cancellations we do it all with perfect precision.
  2. Information Verification: Our reliable and efficient information verification services are at par with the best in the industry and can be trusted completely to verify the data pertaining to your employees or prospective customers.
  3. Soft Lead Generation: We help you with lead generation by reaching out to your potential customers and generating their interest, through a thorough knowledge and deep understanding of your products and services
  4. Customer Survey:  Conducting surveys, marketing research and handling feedback is crucial to all businesses.
  5. Telemarketing Services: Our telemarketing services include interacting with potential clients and generating their interest in your products and services. We also help to promote or up-sell your line of products to your existing customer base.
  6. Third Party Verification Services: Our TPV services asks a customer for his identity and with a series of questions ensures that he is an authorized decision maker before confirming  his order or request.

Our account managers at Process Venue understand your unique needs and build an outbound customer support services customized around your requirements so as to improve your results and give you value for your investment.