Secure Data Management

At ProcessVenue, we understand the value of preserving and managing your data. We not only provide you customized data management solutions but we do so in a highly secured IT environment. Our data management experts ensure that your data is collated, and kept in readiness for when you may require it.

ISO certified
We proudly state that we are ISO 27001:2013 certified. This certificate is a testament to the fact that we are truly committed in meeting all security standards and business protocols and also continuously strive ourselves to improve the quality management system.
Big Data Services

Analyzing Big Data is a herculean task, one that requires careful and constant analysis that can yield valuable insights. These insights can be put to good use by enabling better predictions, improving efficiency, cutting costs and increasing profits.

Mining Big Data is a rewarding but multifaceted process. It requires the right mix of experience, expertise and tools to find the best suited solution to overcome these challenges. This is where ProcessVenue steps in.

Why Us?

Our experienced and dedicated Big Data Analytics team armed with the latest state of the art tools and technology stands by you right from the word go.

  • Our team of experts helps you to enhance your decision making abilities and explore the plethora of opportunities that are waiting to be tapped.
  • Our team helps you craft a data analytics strategy to help you invest in the right tools and technology.
  • They arm you in handling the potential challenges of changing business processes and business technology.
  • We are pioneers in lambda architecture and have built systems par excellence in dealing with data that is flowing and clogging.
  • Our Teams can work with data at rest and data in motion and use frameworks that can store and manage huge datasets.
  • We provide a secure environment for all your precious data.

Do not lose sleep over your Big Data needs. Contact us today for more information and solutioning requirements.

Cloud Application Services

Cloud computing have revolutionized the way businesses function. From providing greater scope for automation and innovation across various devices and platforms to giving competitive advantage, cloud computing is here to stay.

You can choose the cloud that best suits your need and leave ProcessVenue to manage it for you. We are renowned cloud service providers and are here to save you from the complexity and drudgery of doing it yourself.

Our team of experts at ProcessVenue provide 24/7 AWS , Salesforce and Azure backing which allows you to concentrate on your core business while we handle the security, architecture and operations for you. We provide a combination of technology, automation and expertise to consistently deliver the best.

Using a cloud computing platform service like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides companies with numerous benefits. However having a competent service provider to manage the day to day functionality of these platforms ensures promising ROI.

Get in touch today to allow us to give you a better experience in Cloud Management.
Data Science

Our experts at ProcessVenue help mine your data in the most secure IT environment, draw important insights, inferences and develop algorithms in order to help you solve analytically complex problems to ensure best ROI and profits. We have wide array of forecasting, text analytics, artificial intelligence, deep learning solutions for our clients.

Whether you are a start-up or a big enterprise, we are available with bunch of services which can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Why Us?

  • Best Data Science Techniques at work.
  • Start to Finish Solutions from Data Mining, to insights & inferences.
  • Data Analysis to aid Decision Making.
  • Secure Environment for Your valuable Data.
  • Our dedicated Team of Experts and Data Professionals that helps to exploit the hidden value of data.
Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services include the following:

  • Compliance Management: We ensure all people, processes and technology is well aligned to the compliance security standards in the ever changing business world.
  • Network Security: Our Managed Security services are a combination of advanced threats detection intelligence and analysis to ensure we are forearmed with capabilities to deal with both common threats and targeted cyber attacks with equal ease.
  • Vulnerability Management: We deploy a dedicated vulnerability management team to relieve you off the pressures of security issues so that you can instead focus on protecting your assets and make crucial business decisions
  • Threat Management: Our extensively experienced teams constantly monitor the ever emerging new threats to your business world and keep finding counter measures to ensure that it is business as usual for you.
  • Security Monitoring: Our highly experienced security professionals are experts at finding the relevant threats from the surge of the ones being generated every day and deliver an in-depth analysis of your security activities.
  • Combined Solutions: Our expertise combined with your requirements allows us to create solutions for your organization that aim at covering all loopholes to ensure there is no scope for security lapses.
We are ready to take on your security challenges for you to give you the much needed respite to run the day to day of your business in peace. Drop us a line to hear from us.

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