Types of Financial Services You Can Outsource

Types of Financial Services You Can Outsource

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Finance and accounting professionals are usually considered the busiest people in the company required to deal with a slew of activities to maintain the company’s financial health. They do everything from regular bookkeeping to financial forecasting and budgeting. Not to discount critical ones like ensuring compliance!

As the business scales, many business owners tread the traditional path and beef their in-house team up. While that works on the resource front, it contributes to an increased burden of operational and employee administration costs. Practically, such an approach doesn’t prove as useful and cost-effective in the long run.

On the other hand, some outsource financial services – mostly accounting and bookkeeping. However, did you know you can outsource various financial activities rather than one to a finance and accounting outsourcing company? Yes! It can save considerable costs and let you focus on your core business and optimizing your financial performance. So, let’s look at the various types of financial services you can outsource to a finance and accounting outsourcing company.

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing – Services You Can Outsource

Most finance and accounting outsourcing companies offer a package comprising all or various services you can outsource. Or else, you can choose from their bucket of services and outsource whatever you want. While the decision to outsource should stem from a rational thought process, companies struggling on the operational and resource front may choose to Outsource Financial & Accounting Services to focus on their forte.

Bookkeeping and General Ledger Management

Bookkeeping is a routine yet exhaustive activity comprising various intricate and business-critical tasks. It includes maintaining general ledgers, recording financial transactions, organizing financial data from disparate sources, and updating financial books and records to enable the management to track every transaction seamlessly.

The higher the number of transactions, the more the workload. With so many other deliverables to manage, outsourcing bookkeeping and general ledger management can allow accountants to focus on other core and strategic financial management tasks.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Every country’s tax landscape is complex and comprises various aspects that finance and accounting professionals must consider while planning their company’s taxes. Considering the complexities involved in tax preparation and planning, the task can consume much of the finance and account professional’s operational bandwidth, making it difficult for them to focus on other equally significant KRAs.

However, outsourcing tax preparation and planning can help companies deal with the ever-evolving and changing tax realm, ensure appropriate and timely payment of taxes and proper filing of tax returns, identify potential deductions, optimize the tax position, and keep the company compliant with the local, regional and nation’s tax regulations.

Accounts Receivable and Payable Management

Accounts receivable and accounts payable are other crucial areas where finance and accounting outsourcing companies can prove significantly helpful. No matter a company’s number of transactions accounts receivable and payable involve various other associated tasks revolving around them.

Outsourcing these tasks, including invoice management, accounts reconciliation, managing customer payments, ensuring timely vendor payments, recovery, maintaining a healthy cash flow, coordinating with banks, and nurturing vendor relationships.

Payroll Processing and Management

Payroll is another crucial aspect of every company’s financial and accounting management. Payroll is as complex as tax. Non-compliance in the case of payroll can have as serious implications as those in the case of taxes. Let alone employee dissatisfaction and loss of reputation that can result from payroll delays!

While being surrounded by so many equally sensitive tasks, in-house payroll processing is bound to be error-prone and delayed. In situations like these, companies need an outsourcing partner that can process payroll on time and accurately and ensure compliance.

Finance and accounting outsourcing firms manage every payroll-related activity. Some include calculating employee wages and salaries, generating pay stubs, ensuring accurate and timely payroll disbursements, managing tax withholdings and deductions, ensuring payroll compliance, and performing many other activities associated with payroll.

Financial Analysis

Amidst the contemporary modern-day financial and business environment, financial analysis forms strategic. However, it is a complex task, requiring exclusive financial expertise, analytical thought process, and access to technology.

Deciding to do it in-house requires hiring and nurturing financial analysts, incurring significant costs. Here, financial and accounting outsourcing proves helpful. Outsourcing companies can perform financial analysis, trend analysis, and ratio analysis and prepare financial reports to help the decision-makers get valuable insights into the company’s financial health and make informed decisions concerning financial strategies.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting are as exclusive a task as financial analysis. Often, the already overwhelmed finance and accounting department wouldn’t have sufficient scope to invest time and energy in preparing budgets and making informed forecasts. Inaccuracies can lead to financial failure, proving detrimental to the company’s existence.

Thus, considering the complexities in budgeting and forecasting, companies can outsource these activities to finance and accounting outsourcing firms with experts. They can leverage their expertise and experience in preparing meaningful and visionary budgets and make educated