Big Data Services

Big Data is typically known for its three unique traits or three Vs: Volume (massive Quantity), Variety (generated in nonstandard formats and from varied sources) and Velocity (processed at high speeds).

Analyzing Big Data is a herculean task, one that requires careful and constant analysis that can yield valuable insights. These insights can be put to good use by enabling better predictions, improving efficiency, cutting costs and increasing profits.

The Challenges of Big Data

Big Data poses many challenges including but not limited to:

  1. Reliability of Sources;
  2. Adequate Storage Capacity
  3. Adaptive Architecture
  4. Security of Data

The optimization of Big Data is a daunting task. Knowing that Big Data will only keep getting bigger it would be wise to get on this band wagon as soon as possible and have a feasible plan in place.

Mining Big Data is a rewarding but multifaceted process. It requires the right mix of experience, expertise and tools to find the best suited solution to overcome these challenges. This is where Process Venue steps in.

Why Us?

 Our experienced and dedicated Big Data Analytics team armed with the latest state of the art tools and technology stands by you right from the word go.

  1. Our team of experts helps you to enhance your decision making abilities and explore the plethora of opportunities that are waiting to be tapped.
  2.  Our team helps you craft a data analytics strategy to help you invest in the right tools and technology
  3.  They arm you in handling the potential challenges of changing business processes and business technology
  4. We are pioneers in lambda architecture and have built systems par excellence in dealing with data that is flowing and clogging
  5. Our Teams can work with data at rest and data in motion and use frameworks that can store and manage huge datasets
  6. We  provide a secure environment for all your precious data

Process Venue provides you the one stop solution for all your Big Data needs including:

  1.  Data Management
  2.  Data Mining
  3.  Data Analysis


Do not lose sleep over your Big Data needs. Contact us today for more information and solutioning requirements.